Tony Fernandes’ Virtual Meeting Controversy: Balancing Work and Relaxation

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes gets massage during virtual meeting; faces flak on social media.

In an era where virtual meetings have become the norm, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes took it to the next level by sharing an image of himself receiving a massage during a virtual management meeting. This unconventional approach sparked a whirlwind of reactions on social media, with netizens divided in their opinions. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this unique incident and the responses it garnered from the online community.

Unconventional Meeting Moments

On October 16, Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia, decided to share a post on LinkedIn that left many stunned. The post featured a picture of Fernandes, shirtless and relaxed while receiving a massage. What made this scenario even more unusual was that this relaxation happened simultaneously with a crucial management meeting.

Embracing Indonesian Culture

Fernandes captioned the post by acknowledging Indonesia’s cultural diversity and openness, where he seamlessly blended a message into a business meeting. He praised the AirAsia culture for allowing him to participate in an unconventional yet productive setup.

The CEO’s Message

Fernandes didn’t just share the image; he also provided insight into the progress and developments within the company. He mentioned finalizing the “Capital A structure” and expressed enthusiasm for the exciting days ahead. He also emphasized how proud he was of the accomplishments of the company and the unwavering focus on their goals.

A Controversial Post

While Fernandes may have seen this post as a unique way to combine work and relaxation, it didn’t sit well with everyone. The post quickly gained attention and reactions, but not all of them were positive. As of now, it has received 703 responses, 96 comments, and 42 reposts.

Social Media Backlash

The post’s comments section was flooded with criticism, with many deeming the act as “inappropriate” and “lunatic material.” Some argued that it was not suitable to integrate a massage into a professional meeting, particularly in a civilized culture.

Concerns Raised

One comment highlighted concerns about the comfort and safety of women in the company in such a context, especially since Tony Fernandes holds a leadership position. The user urged Fernandes to consider the deleted comments on the post and suggested that this approach might not be conducive to creating a supportive and safe working environment.

A Divided Online Community

This incident serves as a perfect example of the diverse perspectives and opinions that social media can amplify. While some saw it as a novel way of balancing work and relaxation, others found it inappropriate and unprofessional.

In conclusion, the AirAsia CEO’s decision to combine a massage with a virtual management meeting created a stir on social media. It highlights the fine line between innovative work practices and the expectations of professionalism. As the world continues to adapt to new work norms, incidents like this will likely generate ongoing discussions about the boundaries of professionalism in the digital age.


1. Why did Tony Fernandes receive criticism for his LinkedIn post?

Tony Fernandes received criticism for sharing an image of himself receiving a massage during a virtual management meeting, which some deemed inappropriate for a professional setting.

2. What was Tony Fernandes’ message in his LinkedIn post?

In his post, Tony Fernandes emphasized the progress and developments within AirAsia, including the finalization of the “Capital A structure.”

3. How did the online community react to the post?

The online community had mixed reactions, with some appreciating the innovative approach and others expressing concerns about professionalism and workplace culture.

4. What impact might incidents like this have on the business world?

Incidents like this can spark discussions about the evolving boundaries of professionalism in the digital age and how innovative work practices are perceived.

5. What did one user suggest regarding the deleted comments on the post?

A user suggested that Tony Fernandes should consider the deleted comments, especially those expressing concerns about the comfort and safety of women in the company, to create a more supportive and safe working environment.


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